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As a second-generation, family-owned and -operated paving company, American Asphalt and Striping, Inc. has decades of experience providing comprehensive asphalt repair and maintenance services. We excel at asphalt patching, crack filling, resurfacing, removal, overlays, grinding, replacement, and seal coating. We welcome jobs of all sizes, and provide free onsite consultations and written estimates.

Asphalt Overlay

An asphalt overlay is an excellent option for any asphalt pavement with low to moderate levels of surface distress. It not only gives your asphalt a like-new appearance and allows for restriping, but also strengthens and preserves it. It even resists damage that can be caused by water and heavy truck traffic. Additionally, asphalt overlays are fully recyclable, making them far superior to Petromat overlays which require costly removal and disposal services down the line.

For asphalt that is in relatively good condition, we can lay one-half to two inches of asphalt directly on top of the old asphalt. For those with cracks, potholes, low spots, puddling issues, or other problems, we offer a number of cost-effective solutions. For example, for roads with drainage issues, we will remove any water, put in an SS1 emulsion binder over the existing asphalt (which acts as a binding agent), and then wait the appropriate amount of time for it to dry before putting on a new layer of hot asphalt and compacting it with a vibratory plate or roller. For uneven and rough roads, we'll grind the pavement down to a depth of one-half to two inches before applying the overlay so we produce a smooth and even surface. Call today to learn more; our asphalt overlays have saved many Orange County clients thousands of dollars by giving them an alternative to asphalt removal and replacement.

Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt repairs can include patching, crack filling, pothole correction, grinding, and/or overlaying. Whether the damage was caused by improper care, heavy trash trucks, or water intrusion, our road repair experts will provide honest, accurate assessments of your asphalt and only recommend repairs that are in your best interests. We can repair an entire road or just a small section, and provide tips to help you prolong the life of your pavement.

Asphalt Replacement

For Orange County roads, parking lots, and driveways with alligator cracking (a type of cracking that resembles the scales on an alligator's back), loose debris, or major fractures, we generally recommend removing the old asphalt and laying down a new base and asphalt. That's because cracking, debris, and fractures are all signs that your asphalt's substructure has somehow become damaged and is no longer able to withstand the weight of the traffic that regularly drives over it. If we determine that your asphalt's foundation is beyond repair, we'll sawcut the affected asphalt (maintaining straight lines along the sides), dig out the debris, transport the removed asphalt to a recycling plant, and bring in new class II road base, which is then layered and compacted, prior to installing the new asphalt. All of our asphalt replacement services are offered at a great price and carefully coordinated to minimize inconveniences.

Routine & Preventative Asphalt Maintenance

Ongoing asphalt maintenance is essential to maintaining a professional appearance around your home or business. It also lengthens the amount of time between future asphalt replacements, reducing your long-term expenses. Our asphalt maintenance services for Orange County property managers includes inspecting all asphalt-covered areas, checking for any drainage issues, filling cracks, and applying a protective seal coat. Once the new seal coat is dry, we then restrip the pavement. We are familiar with the various pressures our clients face, particularly property management companies and HOAs, and go above and beyond to figure out the best dates for asphalt maintenance work and facilitate communication between our clients as well as any potentially affected tenants and visitors. Call today for a free quote.

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Call American Asphalt and Striping, Inc. today for all your asphalt repair needs in Orange County. We're open Monday through Friday, and perform repairs on parking lots, driveways, and private streets. Dedicated to building long-term client relationships, we always give our clients lasting solutions at a fair price. We are licensed and carry extensive workers' compensation and liability coverage. On-site consultations are available at no charge and allow us to properly assess your asphalt repair so that we can provide an upfront, accurate written estimate.


Mike at American Asphalt does all of the work for our DeNault's Hardware stores. He does an excellent job of coordinating the project so there is a minimum impact on business during the days the work is performed. The quality is excellent and the price is fair

Bob DeNault Via Google Review

Our HOA received an number of bids for badly needed asphalt repairs and sealing. Of all the contractors I met with and receive proposal from, I was most impressed with American Asphalt. Michael Inzano, Owner of American Asphalt and his Foreman, Joe did an outstanding job in explaining what needed to be done, why it needed to be done and how it would be done. They then provided us with a number of options to help us meet our goals. This project came in on time and on budget with little or no inconvenience to our home owners. The end result dramatically improved the condition of our streets and the look of our community. I would highly recommend American Asphalt to anyone needing this type of work.

Ted, President, Brighton Springs HOA, Costa Mesa, California

Ted Cernak Via Google Review

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